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A sign of hope: CERA's new foal Jule

Jule and mom, Star, shortly after birth
Jule and mom, Star, shortly after birth
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Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance (CERA) in Wingate, North Carolina recently welcomed a beautiful healthy foal into their family. Were it not for the love of the volunteers of this Union County horse rescue, this story might not have had a happy ending.

CERA welcomes Jule
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Star came to CERA this February from a local animal control facility. She was a seized by Animal Control in November, so hungry she was eating the bark off trees. Darlene Kindle, CERA's founder, realized immediately she was very pregnant and her vet confirmed she was an estimated 7-9 months in foal. She also discovered Star had heart condition, aggrevated by stress.

With good feed and loving care, Star delivered a perfect little filly in the early morning of April 11 -- Star's Hope for Jules, or just Jule for short. Jule has a textbook delivery and was standing up in about 30 minutes, nursing. Dr. Robin Smith of Yellowhorse Mobile Veterinary Service was on hand to prounounce mom and foal healthy.

Equestrian Images photographer's Dwain and Daniela Snyder ( were on hand to capture the delivery as well as the next day for Jule's first adventure outdoors. I hope you will enjoy these wonderful photos, celebrating the miracle of birth.

CERA welcomes vistors and volunteers. Visit their website at for details.