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A Shortage in lethal injection drugs forcing lawmakers to consider firing squads

Given the shortage of lethal injection drugs lawmakers are considering substituting injections with executions by firing squad. This is a suggestion if capital punishment becomes an obstacle for drug companies. Supply and demand remain a factor and this makes it more difficult to obtain drugs for execution by lethal injections.

Death by lethal injection drug shortage

There are some pharmacies that are customizing drugs as a way to test new concoctions. This was after supplies of traditional execution drugs were cut off by manufacturers who opposed the use of the drug in capital punishments.

Recently the lethal injection debate came up after an inmate gasped and convulsed violently during his execution in Ohio. The state used a two-drug concoction for the first time in the United States.

The following information was provided by the FDA:

Execution by method used

Thirty-five states, plus the U.S. government, use lethal injection as their primary method. Some states that use lethal injection have other methods available as backups.

Since 1976, 1,295 people have been executed by:

Lethal injection: 1,121

Electrocution: 157

Gas chamber: 11

Hanging: 3

Firing squad: 3

Source: Death Penalty Information Center

The first person to ever be executed by electrocution was William Francis Kemmler his life was terminated on August 6, 1890. He was a convicted murderer.

One of the three execution by hanging is Billy Bailey, a convicted murderer he was terminated in Delaware in 1996.

The first person to be executed in the United States by gas was Gee Jon, on February 8, 1924. Texas became the first state to lethally inject a prisoner. On December 7, 1982, Charles Brooks, Jr. was terminated.

What are your feelings on the topic of lethal injection? What warrants a death penalty sentence? Is there one way of being executed that appears more inhuman?

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