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A shift toward holistic wellness resources for those diagnosed with cancer

Cancer Is Curable Now DVD
Cancer Is Curable Now DVD
Wake-Up Films - &

As clinical experience and evidence accumulate showing the power of alternative and natural healing approaches for cancer recovery, cancer support organizations like the Cancer Support Community (which has a branch in Miami) are including holistic wellness resources such as yoga, relaxation, meditation, and nutritional education for those dealing with cancer challenges.

Holistic theorists see cancer tumors as a symptom of deep distress in the mind-body system - cancer cell growth being a cellular survival mechanism that can be viewed as a wake-up call for the individual to change his or her lifestyle and outlook toward life. Cancer can be a catalyst for spiritual growth, psychological healing, and lifestyle change, rather than a source of fear or despair.

Common factors cited as playing a role in the cause of cancer include environmental toxins, unresolved emotional trauma and stress, negative thinking patterns, energy imbalances, substance abuse, poor diet and inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight and vitamin D, and sleep deprivation. Addressing these causes has been shown to foster natural healing and recovery from cancer - often without any conventional medical interventions like surgery or chemotherapy.

The recent documentary film Cancer Is Curable Now, from Wake-Up films, outlines the profitable cancer industry's deceptions and the positive news that can be found in the alternative and holistic approaches to helping cancer patients. It includes the testimony of those who have healed their cancer naturally as well as interviews with many experts in holistic cancer recovery. Marcus & Sabrina Freudenmann, the producers of the film, point out that "cancer is curable now - however it is not cured with medicine or drugs, but with knowledge." Once this knowledge is uncovered it is up to each person to apply it. People have the power and responsibility to take the steps that lead to healing.

Some popular online websites are also sharing information about the many effective natural and holistic resources for healing cancer. Many of these approaches have not only clinical experience and testimonials to back them up, but solid empirical studies supporting their efficacy. These online resources include and For those who are wondering if what modern medicine and oncologists normally present for cancer treatment is really their best option, these resources are eye-opening and paradigm-shifting. Readers are encouraged to educate themselves and consult with trusted, qualified professionals to help ascertain what path will support their recovery.


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