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A secular family network

One of the key things that parenting without religion is missing is having a church family. Church offers a sense of community, belonging, and family that most non-religious persons miss out on.

Surrounding yourself with like minded families is a great way to teach your children how to be a good citizen. Exposing them to other ideas and opinions will afford them opportunities to grow in a natural environment. If your community does not have a local center for non-believers consider hosting one yourself. A pitch-in style gathering is low cost and easy to arrange. Another option could be to host a play date and get a chance to know other families in your community with complimentary family morals and values.

In Indianapolis the Center for Inquiry Indiana is filling that void with their Secular Family Network. Every month they host a family pitch in where members of the community can bring in a dish, socialize, and get to know other like minded families within the Indianapolis area.

The CFI also offers a free educational activity each month. This group is called the CFI Kids and their activity is posted on the CFI website as well as on the CFI Secular Family Network Facebook page. Andi Pierce and Susan Lantzer are the coordinators of these family programs.

For more information about CFI/Indiana, please contact Executive Director Reba Boyd-Wooden at, or (317) 423-0710.


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