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A section of the Berlin Wall in South Dakota

Berlin Wall memorial
Berlin Wall memorial
M Jester

Rapid City, South Dakota is the unlikely home to a section of the Berlin Wall, made infamous during the Cold War days starting after the end of WWII. In a park in the downtown area we found a memorial to those times when Berlin was a divided city during that Cold War. There were several signs with photographs describing the trials that the Communist regimes subjected Berlin residents to. In addition, there was an actual section of the real Berlin Wall mounted on display.

It was surprising to find this display. There is an Air Force Base nearby, and reference was made in the display of the famous airlift that the US Air Force performed during the 1960’s when the Russians set up a blockade around West Berlin. With no other way to provide supplies to the isolated city of West Berlin, an airlift was required.

This historic display also showed pictures of the visits of US Presidents to West Berlin, including John Kennedy when he said “Ich bein ein Berliner”.