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A season for the senses

purple lilacs on Mackinac Island
purple lilacs on Mackinac Island
photography by Jennifer Laura

"Consider how the lilies grow.  They do not labor or spin.  Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these."  Luke 12:27

It can be said that the most beautiful experiences of our lives are those which pass by most quickly.  Each and every year in Michigan is marked by a number of special opportunities that are available for just a short time.  On Mackinac Island, one such time is the Lilac Festival, which lasts from June 11th until June 20th this year.

The verse from Luke assures us that there really is no such stunning display on this earth as the flowers that bloom.  This verse also bridges a gap between God's immaculate design of those flowers that are soon destroyed, and His care for us.   Most of us will live to see the flowers come and go countless times.  Our lives are an enduring investment of our creator who paid a great price for us.  (See John 3:16)  The flowers are a celebration of creation that is only here for a small part of a year.  We are a celebration of God, created in His image, and we slowly grow over decades into something that can be amazing or tragic.  We will be either closer to or farther from God's true intentions for us with each passing year.

There is one incredible similarity between these beautiful lilacs and our lives, though.  To truly appreciate them, you need to lean in close and take them in.  Their fragrance is evident several feet away, but the true miracle is found up close.  It is when you are just an inch or so from the flower that you understand how amazing its scent is.  For us, such close examination can reveal either beauty or catastrophe.  What fragrance is your life today? 

Take a moment to smell the flowers today.  If you get a chance, get up to Mackinac Island in the next week or two before this miraculous display is gone for another season.  Take in the full aroma of this small miracle.  As you do that, remind yourself that you also have the opportunity to fill someone's life with this same kind of joy.  However, such a gift always starts from the inside.  It is there that true beauty is cultivated and grown. 

Be blessed this week.  I hope that your Memorial Day was a blessing to you.  Please be sure to tune in again next week as we continue in this great gift called life.  Until then, God bless and keep reading.


  • Shanna Brooks 5 years ago

    Beautiful article. Thank-you. I stumbled this article.

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