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A Saturday night of music from Casper & the Cookies

Casper & the Cookies
Casper & the Cookies
Chris Martin

One good thing about living in the Atlanta area is being able to go out on any given night of the week and listen to great music from a wealth of bands that call Georgia home. Venues all over town host these bands and Saturday night at the EARL was a prime example as Athens’ band Casper & the Cookies treated the crowd to a sweet set of tunes that showcased the songs from their latest record Dingbats.

Fuzzy guitars, ear rattling rhythms and vocal harmonies were all on the menu as Casper & the Cookies (CC) tore through a sweet set of tunes. Tracks from the new record, “Drug Facts” and “Sleep Defense” sounded sharp and the live version of “Lemon Horses” may have been better than the record. They closed the show with the classic “Age Of The Sun” as Robert Schneider (Apples In Stereo) joined them on stage. Jason Nesmith’s banter with the crowd added to the aesthetics of the show making the crowd a part of the night’s festivities. When the hum in the speakers faded out of the room and the buzzing in the ears remained the folks in attendance wanted more.

Earlier in the evening the previously mentioned Robert Schneider took the stage for a short but sweet set of acoustic tunes. His voice sounded great and hearing some of his music in that setting was something I am glad I was there for.

Once again the EARL showcased top notch music. Casper & the Cookies displayed their talents proudly as their guitar driven music invaded everyone’s ears dragging them along willingly into their musical wonderland. Go listen to their music and catch them live whenever and wherever possible.