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A sales career could offer just what you want from a graduate job

A career in sales is high flying, and offers uncapped earning potential which can be credited to the fact that Sales executives in any organization are the drivers of growth and revenue creation. If you are thinking of beginning your career as a sales executive, then you are likely to come across staggering amount of sales executive job openings, where your education, skills and knowledge will be of indelible value.

Sales executives have plethora of job sectors open, as sales role is of utmost importance for organizations from the sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Automobile, telecommunications, and real estate. The finance sector is one of the most rewarding, as there are customers who will be ready to invest in a financial product, which makes the earning potential of a sales executive rise multi-fold as finance sector offers pay packages and other performance based incentives.

As a fresh graduate interested in a career in sales, you almost have unlimited options as far as your career's future goes. You will likely come across a staggering amount of job opportunities and employment options for a career in sales, and you will find that your education, skills, and knowledge are high in demand.

The career path for a sales executive is well defined, after earning and polishing skills that hold real value, as a sales executive you can reach up to the top management, where you will be armed with decision making powers, assigned a particular geography to supervise the sales operations and manage the sales workforce, working on various levels in an organization. Depending upon the nature of business you are employed with, you can climb to the top of sales executive career in no time, by demonstrating your abilities and also by unlocking your potential; which can only be accessed once you have left your comfort zone and go that extra mile to maintain the momentum of consistence performance.

As an entry-level sales executive your average annual earnings may remain somewhere between the figure of Rs 2 – 3 Lakhs, which is dependent upon the nature of business, location, your educational qualifications and grades. After spending 2-3 years as a sales executive and by exhibiting your consistence performance, you can expect your remuneration to rise up to Rs 5 – 6 lakhs, which is again dependent on the sector you are employed with. Other than monetary benefits, sales executive are entitled for various perks such as vehicle allowance, travel allowances, and performance based incentives.

So if you think that you can sell a comb to a bald guy, or can make a soap or a bottle of water sound sexy, then starting as a sales executive is the right step that you can take.

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