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A Saint on Superbowl

Super Bowl 2010
Super Bowl 2010

If you are in a relationship, you will most likely be spending the big day with each other at your own home or at a party. By big day, I of course mean Super Bowl Sunday. But if your man is like my man, we may as well be on planet Mars because his attention will of course be on the big screen. So what can we do to keep at least a little bit of his attention on us, the other saint in his life?

Well, we don’t have to be raging Saints or Colts fans to still be an active participant in Super Bowl Sunday. Brushing up on some football facts and knowing the language of football will keep us involved in the game. Knowing a few things about key players will enable you to chime in with some information to contribute. Not only do you get to stay involved but your bond with your man will get a little bit stronger. He will definitely be impressed and maybe even a little turned on. You can even make bets and deals about the team you are both rooting for. Say for every touchdown, you guys make out. So it’s not just the team that scores. Keeping yourself involved with the game keeps you involved with him during the game.