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A sad week on the Anne Rice Facebook Page

One of Ran's finest
One of Ran's finest

This past week on Anne Rice’s Facebook page has run the gamut from anticipation of the announcement of the iconic author’s new novel on March 9th during the internet radio broadcast of “The Dinner Party Show” hosted by Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw-Quinn to extreme grief over the personal losses of some of the “People of the Page”.

In a phenomenon unique to the new 24 hr. social media and instant information world we now live in, grief can be felt by anyone and everyone who has ever shared a tweet, a post or a comment with the person who experiences the pain firsthand even if they’ve never officially met.

Ran Valerhon, talented artist and frequent contributor to Mrs. Rice page has lost his Mother this week. Even more shocking and tragic was the loss of indie YA author, Greg Wilkey’s wife, Alicyn Melton Wilkey, the love of his life and his “Queen”.

And, finally, Anne Rice herself was dealt a tragic loss with the passing of her brother-in-law, Clifford Borchardt.

As a community that was brought together by their mutual affection for the author and stays for the friendship, camaraderie and tremendous sense of belonging that Mrs. Rice’s page provides, the weight of our friend’s pain is palpable.

Yet, as they have proven in the past, the People of the Page have come together to offer their support, their prayers and their words of condolences in an effort to remind Ran, Greg and Anne that we are here, whenever you’re ready, whatever you need.

It is always easy to say that these sentiments are insincere (as I have read in a couple of comments) or meaningless since they come from faceless names on a computer screen. But we have all in one way or another experienced grief and, at the very least, we can empathize with the pain they must be feeling.

The People of the Page have made the Anne Rice Facebook page a unique online place that continues to amaze, astound and inspire me.

Thank you all, on behalf of those grieving, for your continued support of our friends, online or in person.

Here is the press release for Anne’s upcoming announcement. I hope you will all tune in:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 27, 2014
Literary Icon, International Bestselling Author Anne Rice Set to Unveil Title, Subject of Her New Novel

Literary icon and international bestselling author Anne Rice (the "Vampire Chronicles" series, the "Wolf Gift" series) is once again shaking up the literary community and fandom with a dramatic, live reveal of the title and subject matter for her new novel.

The unexpected announcement will be made Sunday, March 9th during "The Dinner Party Show," where she will be the featured guest for the hit internet radio program's weekly live cast at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT.

The announcement is being promoted on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #AnneRiceReveal.

"The Dinner Party Show" is the internet's first live comedy/variety show and is hosted by "New York Times" bestselling novelists Eric Shaw Quinn ("Say Uncle," "Star") and Christopher Rice ("The Heavens Rise," "The Moonlit Earth"), Anne's son.

Listeners can access "The Dinner Party Show" online by visiting its official website at and clicking the media player (the black radio icon, upper left) or by downloading a free mobile app for Apple or Android devices.

With close to one-million Facebook fans, Anne Rice has built a formidable presence online and in social media. "My mother's Facebook page is covered by the world press, and her public statements about everything ranging from religious controversies to provocative news stories are routinely the stuff of headlines," says Christopher Rice. "On March 9th, she will reveal the theme and title of her next novel, and we're confident her legions of fans are going to be ecstatic about this change of course. Eric and I have been sitting on this for months and it's taken everything we have not to spill the beans. Or the rice, if you will."

In 2013, the International Thriller Writers declared Anne Rice a ThrillerMaster, in recognition of her legendary career and outstanding contributions to the thriller genre. On July 12th, 2014, Anne will travel to New York to present this year's ThrillerMaster to author Scott Turow at the annual ThrillerFest banquet.

For additional information, contact Benjamin Scuglia at or Christopher Rice at

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