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A Sacred Journey, Ernesto Quintero's passion project

Ernesto Quintero's A Sacred Journey
Ernesto Quintero's A Sacred Journey
Clorox CareConcepts

The bonds of family can never truly be broken. When these bonds are tested by illness, the strength and love shared amongst the family members must withstand the pressures. Ernesto Quintero's documentary, A Sacred Journey, shares the love, strength and bonds of his family as they battle his brother's illness.

A Sacred Journey chronicles Quintero's brother's fight with ALS. The film focuses on his brother's quest to complete a mural during his battle with the disease. The commissioned mural serves as a visual remembrance to focus on hope. While family and community brings strength, the determination to fulfill a goal can bring healing.

During a recent visit to Chicago, Ernesto Quintero shared some of this thoughts on his documentary, A Sacred Journey, as well as information on his partnership with Clorox CaresConcepts. During our conversation, Quintero shared his hope for his brother and his encouragement for others to take leap to care for a loved one at home.

One of the biggest lessons that Quintero shared with caregivers is the use of a "mask." This mask isn't a medical device or a toy; rather the mask is a separation of outside concerns when assisting a loved one. When walking into the room of the chronically ill, the caregiver's mask is key to shut out the outside world and focus on the person in need. In those precious moments, everyone has to be living in that single moment in time. Put aside is the laundry lists of must do items. It is the time to be strong for the person who cannot walk on their own or to be the voice for the person who cannot speak. For that period of time, you are putting one person and one person only first.

The other key lesson to his talk was that love is cure. While medical intervention and medicine can facilitate a better environment, the love from family and friends can provide more than any pill. The love from family, friends and the community can fortify a sick person's desire to live and fight against the difficulties in life. Whether the battle with disease is prolonged or quick, the love shared can help everyone heal from the pain.

For anyone who is among the millions of at home caregivers around the United States, the Clorox CareConcepts created the website This website offers information, support and resources for at home caregivers. The decision to care for a person at home is a sacrifice for all those involved. With the Clorox website and resources, the journey doesn't have to be a lonely one.

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