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A's respond to Coliseum Authority's statements on a lease

The A's and the Coliseum Authority aren't seeing eye to eye
The A's and the Coliseum Authority aren't seeing eye to eye
Oakland Athletics

The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority made a statement earlier today regarding the negotiations with the Oakland Athletics on a 10-year lease to remain at Coliseum.

“The Authority made an offer to keep the Athletics at Coliseum that safeguarded city and county taxpayers while addressing the team’s concerns. Unfortunately, it took less than a few hours for them to reject that offer. Despite this, we are still committed to negotiating a fair deal,” said Coliseum Authority Chairman Nate Miley, according to CSN Bay Area.

The Authority states that the A's owe the city and county over $5 million in rent and are looking to collect it for use on more police and other public health services.

“We look forward to addressing these issues and are committed to negotiations,” stated Oakland Councilmember and Coliseum Authority Vice-chair Larry Reid. “We agree with the A’s that they should stay for at least ten years, and we are staying at the bargaining table. We look forward to continued discussions and to coming to an agreement on a mutually beneficial lease.”

However, the A's responded rather swiftly, debunking any stories about owing money.

“First, we owe no back rent or any other amounts. We did deduct rent payments in the past for items that we are allowed under our lease, but that was our negotiated right", said team president Michael Crowley via an official statement.

"Second, there is absolutely nothing in either our lease offer to them or their counter proposal to us that mentions any kind of subsidy. In fact, under our final offer we would immediately invest no less than $10 million in the facility and our rent would rise from the amounts that we have paid over the last decade.

"We have nothing additional to offer and as a result there will be no further negotiations.”The Authority added that it wants to keep baseball in Oakland, and a ten-year extension, lasting through the 2024 season, gives the Athletics a place to a call home and fans an opportunity to cheer a great team."

At this juncture, the negotiations are at a standstill and it's rather obscene that the city isn't doing whatever is necessary to ensure that the A's remain in Oakland. The Warriors are set to leave to Mission Bay and the Raiders are also up in the air. Oakland needs the Athletics and it's going to be up to the city to make that happen.

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