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A rose garden with a theme

Don’t just have a rose garden; have a rose garden with a theme. As you know, roses are so distinctive they have names. Roses carry the names of royalty, cities and states. They have feminine and masculine names. Why not choose roses by name around a specific theme?

A beautiful rose
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

For example, if you like the idea of being patriotic, why not fill your garden with roses honoring the U. S.? Two climbing roses support this theme. America has salmon pink blossoms and American Pillar’s flowers are deep purplish red. Hybrid tea roses include Freedom (yellow) and National Trust (scarlet crimson). Prosperity is a hybrid shrub rose with creamy white flowers. White American Beauty is a hybrid perpetual rose. Stars ‘n Stripes is a miniature rose with tiny pale pink blossoms.

If you like explorers, try these shrub roses—Champlain (dark red), John Cabot (magenta) and Louis Jolliet (pink). Jacques Cartier is a rose pink Portland rose. Henry Hudson is a white rugosa rose. William Baffin is a strawberry pink climber.

If you choose to have a religious and blessed garden, try these roses. Some climbing roses with a religious theme are Awakening (pale pearl pink), Eden Climber (white and pink), High Hopes (rose pink) and Joseph’s Coat (orange, pink and red). Hybrid tea roses include Blessings (salmon pink), Paradise (lavender pink) and Samaritan (apricot to orange pink). Rambling Rector is a creamy white rambler rose. Cardinal de Richelieu is a burgundy purple compact rose. Cardinal Hume is a reddish purple shrub rose.

Celebrate virtues with these climbing roses—Compassion (pink and apricot), Sympathie (deep red) and Warm Welcome (orange red climbing miniature). Floribunda roses include Cherish (light pink) and Fellowship (deep orange). Hybrid tea roses are Integrity (light pink) and Peace (pink and yellow). Love is a crimson red grandiflora rose.

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