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A Rose for a lifetime



  • cousin Diana 6 years ago

    Very cool well said and heart felt...being a Mom doesn't always mean giving birth in the physical form..being a Mom is a woman that has the means to love another with unconditional love and admiration..strong enough to be there for them in the bad as well as glorify in all that is be uplifting and stern all within moments of another..a guide to the unknown a hero from the unexpected.. You see Shell because you have laid before you the idea's of strenght through your family before you is that, that you have to offer to others in a child form or even not..we are all children in growth till the day we pass and go forth to live again..yes it is true you have not procreated but that is not to say that you have not impacted some that know you well and imprinted your wisdom and strenght to carry that on to yet another generation..Your Mom has always and will be someone who I hold so near to my heart..she has been a woman I looked up to for many years..blessing's abound our Moms

  • mom 6 years ago

    You are such a joy to be with and near. Nothing you do could deminish how we are connected. Yes, Eli's passing was hard on all of us but you suffered the most, letting go. Never an easy transition.

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