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A rose by any other still a rose!

A little piece of heaven in the middle of the city
A little piece of heaven in the middle of the city
Kim Kloes

When it came to my attention that Tucson had a rose garden, I was skeptical. Roses in the desert? What a waste of water! What an oddity and why on earth would anyone choose to grow roses in this climate?

Entrance to the gardens
Kim Kloes

Glad to say I was wrong.

The volunteers known as the Friends of The Reid Park Rose Garden are the ones to thank for the magnificent blooms of color that we fortunately have right in our proverbial backyard. Partnering with Reid Park, this group began their project in 1960 with 232 rose beds.

There are now more than 100 species of roses and 800 individual plants. The dedicated team of volunteers come and deadhead bushes, pull reeds, and clean up the debris.

The best blooms occur in March and April and again in October and November.

Located at Reid Park, on 22nd and Country Club, the garden is open sunrise to 5 p.m. 365 days a year. There is no charge. You can stroll through the garden at your leisure.

The exception to a leisurely stroll would be a special event in progress. With a large gazebo, benches and some electrical outlet possibilities, this garden is a popular venue for weddings.

Your contributions to the efforts of the volunteers are appreciated and in addition, are tax deductible through the Tucson Parks Foundation.

The garden was the winner of the Pacific Southwest District Garden of the Year award in 2012.