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A Rookie of the Year Candidate for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Talks Daytona 500

We miss some of the old days of the NASCAR racing as with the motorsports racing of today, we don't always know just who is who when they get past some of the more familiar ones. We liked the days of Dale Earnhardt Sr, Darrell Waltrip, Bobby Allison and Richard Petty, and it seems no one can really take the place of some of our legendary motorsport racing heroes. When our Nashville sports included Nashville's racetrack which had the NASCAR events, we'd be there with bells on, cheering those drivers on, and sometimes went to some of the other events in nearby states. But with no more NASCAR races likely to happen in Nashville, we have to watch most of today's races on the tube, without the benefit of going to the racetracks like we used to do.

In the attached video we see a 'Rookie of the Year Candidate for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Talks Daytona 500' and it seems the NASCAR racers are all getting younger or perhaps it is the opposite, do you think?

Leave us a note in the comments below to tell us who your favorite driver these days is. We'd probably have to say Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would be top pick at our house. Everybody was a fan of Dale, Sr., and so were we, having seen him race in Nashville, and having met him at the racetrack there a few times. Maybe he was not an 'easy hero', but a great racing legend he was for sure.

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