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A romantic man's way of resolving six months of disappointment, conflict, and competition

Trent stood there amazed at who he had become, but even more astounded that he had prevailed. He had overcome the betrayed feelings from the man he loved. Actually, not the man; not even the flesh and bones. No, he finally realized that love and human imperfection overcome self-hate and the struggle for self-understanding.
He realized that life is complicated. Human beings are a myriad of emotions, struggles, and even petty annoyances, and we are connected together in time and space.
He saw Margaret in the eyes of this young man he could not stop adoring. She was as beautiful and stunning as Taylor, but she was spirit.
Obviously, his best friend in eternity had accomplished her goal. She had guided him through the maze of self-actualization or individuation, and this process created so much self-worth that no amount of disrespect would ever again defeat him.
“I love you Trent,” said Taylor. He was strong and powerful with dark hair and piercing eyes. He commanded the attention of the room, but he was not truly present. No, Margaret Folmar’s soul commanded his thinking. Taylor was twenty years younger than Trent. Unfortunately, he had not yet discovered how to direct the storyline of his life. He thought he was expressing his own ideas, when in fact he was channeling a love affair across time.
“Taylor, I cherish you every day. You are exceptional. You are beautiful, smart, sensitive, and spirited, and I know I have loved you for millennia.”
Taylor smiled and looked into Trent’s eyes. “You know this really confuses me. I never thought I would feel this way toward a man. You see I have fooled around a few times, but I always thought I would be a husband and a father.”
“I understand, Taylor. I know you are learning, but at twenty-three, you have not lived long enough to understand how the world works.”
“Huh? I mean… How the world works…” Taylor seemed to understand what Trent was saying, but he could not verbalize his ideas.
“Taylor, being human is complicated and some of the most brilliant people never truly get it.”
“Yeah, I guess I hear you.”
“Taylor, you are beautiful, and you know what, I love you. But son, I am old enough to be your father. I could teach you a lot about being human in a spiritual world, and I know you could take this introspective man and teach his child how to be grounded in reality.”
“Yeah, Trent. Sometimes you just need to lighten up. Life does not have to be challenging.”
“You know what. That is why I love you. You remind me that I there is more to life than ideas. Sometimes looking at those muscles and please forgive me, that dumbfounded smile on your face makes me realize that life is most joyful when we laugh and wrestle with each other.”
Taylor flashed his pearly white teeth and chided, “You know, old man, I really think you are sort of sexy when you turn everyone’s idea of normal life upside down.”
Trent chuckled. “When you are my age, you won’t think I am so old, but help me realize I don’t need save the world all the time. Your masculinity, strength, compassion, and practical conformism to authority are so damn charming I almost forget about everything that stinks in this world.”
“I never wanted to kiss a man, but for some reason I want to kiss you.”
“And for some reason I wonder if something much more powerful than you and I are creating that desire. It’s not sinister. Actually, she is the kindest woman I ever met, and she wants us to be happy”
“Trent, claim your prize.” The voice came from Taylor’s lips, but it sounded feminine. It was another side of Taylor that Trent knew as Margaret Folmar because she had been in his life for many years.
“A person is not a prize, Margaret. A person has free will. He must choose me because he loves me. Not because it is safe or pleasant or even romantic.”
“Ralph. You do hear me as Ralph; am I not correct?”
“Margaret, I love you, and I love Taylor. However, does Taylor love me?”
“Ralph, Taylor is a child, and children’s destinies are determined by their guardian.”
“Yes, but I want someone who loves me. Not someone needing protection.”
“Ralph, Trent Michaels is the one man within five states that will take care of Taylor, giving him the life he deserves.”
“Yes, but does Taylor want to be with a man?”
“Ralph, Taylor is going to be assigned a partner. Do you want the job?”
“I want you to stop playing matchmaker, and I want the darkness to leave us alone. Then, we will see if we love each other. You know Margaret; this is not our life to live. This is Trent and Taylor’s time. You need to accept that. When we are in flesh again as a man and a woman, we will find each other. You cannot force them together because we are their guardians.”
Taylor coughed and shook his head. Trent felt pressure release from his ears. The two men looked at each other.
“Taylor, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just sort of zoned out.”
“Son, would you like to have a beer?”
“I am kind of afraid to be around you after chugging a few beers.”
“You think I’m a perv?”
Taylor smiled, and said, “No, I think I just might succumb to all of your attention if I let my inhibitions down.”
“Then, by all means, I think we ought to order a keg.” Trent smiled with a mischievous longing in his eyes.
“I remember a few keggers,” admitted Taylor, but he really felt uncomfortable with the memories.
“And I remember a few nights of drinking until the bar closed,” admitted Trent.
“Yeah. We often have to consume a lot of alcohol to stop hating ourselves.”
“Trent, please know I think you are the greatest guy regardless of what you think of me.”
“I have been a son of bitch.”
“No, you have allowed a side of yourself to beat up on its reflection in another.”
“And you’re not mad?”
“Let’s say, I think you deserve a spanking, but I love you anyway.”
“I guess we ought to buy a six pack and go to your place.”
“I have a movie I would like for you to watch. It’s about how two men who are attracted to each other figure out how to build a relationship when nothing in their lives wants that to happen.”
“Okay, but when we buy the beer, let’s get some condoms.”


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