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A Robin Williams tunnel? San Francisco residents want tunnel renamed after actor

Robin Williams might be honored with a tunnel named after him
Robin Williams might be honored with a tunnel named after him
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Robin Williams fans are still looking for ways to honor the late, great actor and it appears that there is a possibility it might be a tunnel in that is in the San Francisco area. Fans have started a petition to change the name of the Waldo Tunnel, north of the Golden Gate Bridge, to be the "Robin Williams Tunnel.” According to San Francisco Gate on Tuesday over 5,000 people had signed the electronic petition for the name consideration and the list of people who like the idea keeps growing.

The tunnel that people want to rename is a pair of tubes, which pass through the area on Highway 101 between the bridge and Sausalito. People would recognized the area for the famous tunnel as the rainbows gracing the arched southern entrance and exit as motorists use the tunnel to get to their destinations. The tunnel has been used in many movie backdrops including "Dirty Harry."

The online petition calls on Assemblyman Marc Levine, of San Rafael, to act in a timely manner and introduce legislation to change the name. Originally, the Waldo Tunnel was named after William Waldo, a gentleman who was candidate for governor of California (yeah, we didn't know that either.) The tunnel is a fixture in the community, but many folks don’t know the story behind the naming of the thoroughfare.

Whether or not the tunnel will be renamed depends on the community and the family of Robin Williams. People want to respect the wishes of the late actor’s family while still honoring him in a way that reflects his life positively. As most folks know, this does mean it might take cutting through some red tape to make it all happen. Then again, everyone wouldn't mind driving in the Robin Williams Tunnel when sightseeing, so everyone is hoping the name change will happen!

A special tribute is also expected at the upcoming Emmy Awards. Typically a night of handing out awards to TV stars, many fans are really turning in to see how Hollywood remembers the popular comedian, actor and movie star.