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A River Walk noche done right

When people say that taking a vacation is fun, exiting, romantic or whatever; they normally mean it. Take the Alamo City’s San Antonio River Walk. In Christmas time the lights are filled for movie spots like Selena and Final Four shoots. But every day it fills the area and all of the people walking along side this “dirty creek,” Charles Barkley—with the central scope of the scene as intimate or great family memories.

The clip included with this article is of a young couple at the Arneson theater for the Alamo Kiwanis Fiesta Noche Del Rio summer weekend event. Here the dancing and interactive hosts collaborate with Latin and local Western music and the crowd, pulling up innocent bystanders throughout the show. As the show goes, out came co-host, Elizabeth Sanchez-Lopez, with a nervous couple. Setting up, of course, an impromptu proposal on center stage after asking the director to have the spot light to do so. (View clip for the real tear jerk)

Watching great romantic moments is powerful to us all. Whether you never intend to get married, or are married, or those you know are too young to understand the concept, it goes with little denial that this San Antonio River is carrying happy emotions. (Kind of opposite to the river of slime in Ghostbusters 2)

So how does that translate to the rest of San Antonio’s attraction? Perhaps a new twist to San Antonio marketing can be the romantic side of it. The countless weddings at La Vilita. The many, many nice restaurants to have big evening meals for big occasions. It seems to be that the San Antonio River Walk is more than just an area of town where visitors go, or the thought of it being too far for outskirt San Antonio locals to really meander.

To give another example of cool stuff happening at the River Walk, also at the Arneson theater, is SA’s local magazine The Current hosting once a month a free concert series sponsored by Lone Star tall boys with real deal indie rock, and then plus some. This just adds to the richness that the River water is streaming.

So it’s time to take notice of the heart of our city Los Alamonians. Others are. And they probably remember what it feels like better than us. Pump up and buzz it out.

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