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A rising artist in L.A.’s backyard brings eclectic back to the natives

GenX - a visual of one of Bouche's paintings
GenX - a visual of one of Bouche's paintings
Theresa Bouche

Theresa Bouché, born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, is no stranger to the eccentric and beautiful world of art. It is not odd for an artist to create works out of emotion, but for Bouché, the mural-like world is best when creating the inspiration that drives emotion.

Bouché currently resides in West Hollywood and works the red carpet as a freelance celebrity photographer. One of her biggest inspirations is Diego Rivera whose paintings reflect the political landscape of the oppressed, a conviction Bouché admires and weaves into her work. Her own work can be identified as what can be seen in L.A. murals.

One word cannot describe Bouché’s work as there are so many facets to her canvas; however, if one were to compare her art, Banksy and Rivera do come to mind. The richness of her palette is telling of her southern charm and it seems her thought process simply flows from many mediums. She could be listening to music or reading an article that could, right away, trigger her into a fervent focus that would produce a beautiful piece that could be stretched across a mural.

What makes Bouché so eclectic and desirable is the fact that she instills vibrancy and belief in the romance of it all. She truly believes in passion, the struggle, and whatever is rightfully termed as sincerity. Two of her own favorite paintings, Ethos and GenX, express the world as she sees it, most of which should be expressed on a mural. She has been commissioned to do murals in the South and will hopefully continue to do so here.

Bouché had a past run-in with John Cusack who was lucky enough to score a painting from her. The painting is a portrait of himself and was paraded at a red carpet event by Cusack’s buddy at the time, Jack Black. Though there were emails and twitters between Bouché and Cusack, there was no romantic connection.