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A ride on Ontario’s Algoma Central Railway

The  train  is  awaiting  to  depart  from  the  station  in  downtown  Sault  Sainte  Marie,  Ontario.
The train is awaiting to depart from the station in downtown Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario.
John Cowgill

Just a short drive from the International Bridge connecting the United States and Canada in the internationally divided city of Sault Sainte Marie is a small building known as the Algoma Train Station. From here, you board a train, and you depart from downtown Sault Sainte Marie. Ten minutes later, you are out of the city and into the Ontario wilderness. You go over high trestles. You pass through forests. You roll by lakes. You get occasional glimpses of Lake Superior out in the distance.
You see all of this for 85 miles, and then you arrive at the Montreal River. It is here where you roll over the fourth longest bending trestle in the world which was built over a dam that supplies power to much of Ontario. You look way down below and see the water flowing towards Lake Superior. Then you look at the wide reservoir that extends as far back as thirty miles from the dam.
From there, you wind your way through more forests, and then you come upon the Agawa River, and you follow the river into Agawa Canyon Park. Before you enter the canyon, be prepared to see some of the most amazing beauty you will ever see. You are greeted by the Bridle Falls which falls from the canyon’s top ridge. There are numerous hiking trails to include one that goes to the top of the canyon plus trails that take you to four different waterfalls. If you are not up for a hike, you can relax in the picnic area and look around in the gift shop. The one problem that you will have will be the fact that you will have to get back on the train and return to Sault Sainte Marie.
The Algoma Central Railway Station is located at 129 Bay Street in downtown Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario. It is just minutes from the International Bridge Crossing. They offer numerous excursions all year round to include a passenger train that stops along the line for those who desire to soak in the wilderness. Go to to see all the trips they have to offer. Please note that you will need a passport or passport card to cross into Canada.

The  Algoma  Central  Railway  Waits  to  Depart  from  the  Station.
John Cowgill
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