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A ride down to Santa Monica

one of the many modes this app offers
one of the many modes this app offers

Once again I report on the biking front (check my last article if you please). Last night my girl and I took a ride down Montana to REI to get her a helmet (topic for another post). Downhill towards the coast was ever so lovely. But back towards the mountains proved to be quite difficult...for me at least, she breezed on by. As I huffed and puffed back to her place all I wanted to do was know how many calories I burned and how steep of a climb going back was, if only to justify my extreme exertion. But I couldn't. I don't have a bike computer (yet) and even if I did, most don't include gains or losses in elevation. So today I looked for a solution, and I found it in the B.iCycle iPhone application.

I'll save a lengthy description of its functions (you can follow the link for that) but needless to say, this thing is pretty nuts: calories, altitude, speed, etc. All on the iPhone. I wonder how long the iPhone can last battery wise using it, not that I could ride for such a time.

Now I need to find a mount...there's always something.