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A Review on Indoor Hydroponics and Indoor Grow Lights for Spring

A Review on Indoor Hydroponics and Indoor Grow Lights for Spring

Today, crop production has taken a new dimension through hydroponics systems that can be used indoors to grow flowers or vegetable plants.

Automated Hydroponics

Typically, hydroponics refer to the process of growing plants in sand, liquid, or fine gravels, rather than in soil, with the addition of essential nutrients to enhance healthy growth for bountiful yields. Hydroponics provides the perfect ration of oxygen, water and nutrients to your plant roots.

Because of the availability of hydroponics systems that have been specifically designed for indoor use, it's fast becoming a household trend today for people to cultivate vegetable plants at a corner of their homes.

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Usage of Indoor Grow Lights for Spring

Automatic hydroponic systems come with indoor grow lights. The essence of these is to activate the natural process of photosynthesis. A typical system features up to 3 full spectrum grow lights, over 4000 - 5000 lumens, automated light cycles, a nutrient delivery pump, and an adjustable lamp arm.

Generally, depending on the design, hydroponics systems with
indoor grow lights for spring can be used for both the seedling and the growing stages of crop production. They can be used for non-vegetables, like flowers, as well as edible vegetables.

Some hydroponics systems can be used for germination or seedling purposes. They are ideal for gardeners who would like to plant healthy seedlings in their backyard garden. For instance, a typical indoor grow light garden can be used as a nursery for watermelon seedlings before transplanting them.

There are systems that can control the seedling stage and advance into the growing stage to nurse the plants till the harvest stage. These are ideal for vegetable plants that wouldn't outgrow the size of the indoor garden. Whatever the case may be, indoor grow lights for spring can be used to grow various kinds of plants, and these include cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, flowers, salad greens and many more.

Moreover, it's worth stating that these indoor grow lights are hi-tech, high-output indoor gardens that help to produce bountiful crop yields and healthy plant growth. It's been established that they promote growth up to 10 times faster than crops or plants grown in soil. They are also eco-friendly and NASA-approved.

Here are some of the most effective indoor grow lights for springs:

  1. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra indoor garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit: Compact and advanced grow light technology maximizes growth for herbs, flowers, lettuce, peppers and more.

  1. Hydrofarm Germination/Seedling Station with Heat Mat: Compact seed staring system with electric heat, humidity control and 72-cell inserts.

  1. 3-Tier Stand Indoor Grow Light Garden: Three shelves with full spectrum lights provide 18 square feet of growing space. It is a little more expensive than others but it is highly rated and more functional.

  2. Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System: Great for starting seeds, propagating cuttings, and growing indoor flowers. It also comes in a 2 foot light system.

  3. Compact Tabletop Grow Light SunLite Indoor Light Garden: Aluminum stands with adjustable height control and low profile light fixture.

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