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A review of WKRG-TV's new set and graphics for local news programs

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(note: the following review was based on my observations of the set and graphics on the 12:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. newscasts WKRG-TV produced this past Monday, April 14th, and the morning newscast they produced this Tuesday, April 15th)

I found the new set very spacious and nice, especially the news desk, the brick walls that surrounded the desk, and the group of monitors behind the desk that was used for displaying an image of downtown Mobile based on the time of day for the news program being broadcast from the set just like the monitors behind the news desk on the set of WPMI-TV's local news programs (according to a report about the new set that WKRG-TV broadcast on both April 14th and April 15th, the brick walls were meant to honor some of Mobile's architecture).

I found some of the new graphics nice also, including the new scrolling news ticker that was used during the station's 12:00 p.m. and morning newscasts since it was transparent unlike the previous ticker and more simple in its appearance than the previous ticker, which I thought was too bulky and distracting.

As for the graphics I did not like: I did not like the new "News" graphic that appeared beside the "5" logo among the new superimposed graphics and animated graphics. I wish the station had kept using the old "News" graphic for their news programs (see image beside this article). I also thought the tablet computer graphics that appeared in the new animated sequences for the station's news programs and above the shoulders of their regular news presenters through superimposition were unnecessary, excessive, and distracting. I understand tablet computers are very popular and helpful for certain folks, but there is no need to remind every viewer about them everyday. They may give some folks the idea that the station is trying to help promote tablet computers or help someone or some company sell them.

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