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A review of the Toyota zero emission fuel cell vehicle

A review of the Toyota zero emission fuel cell vehicle
A review of the Toyota zero emission fuel cell vehicle

Today I want to review a really special car from Toyota, this is basically the car of the future and this model will benefit from the most clean and the most abundant energy source – hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used to run a vehicle in a couple of different ways. You could use it in a combustion engine, very much the same way as we use gasoline but fuel cell technology is really exciting because fuel cell vehicles produce really three things. With hydrogen and oxygen you produce electricity, a little bit of heat and water and that is it, so this car has zero harmful emissions with water vapor being the only greenhouse gas that gets released.

The Toyota fuel cell vehicle will have zero emissions and it works similar to an electric car but it generates electricity using a fuel cell rather than an electric battery. Fuel cells and batteries both use electrochemical processes but all of these processes are contained inside the fuel cell unit and in a fuel cell vehicle you are constantly putting fuel cell into the unit to keep that generating.

The technology generates heat, this is why the Toyota fuel cell vehicle has a big grill on the FCV design, this car has been tested in almost all the extreme environmental conditions on earth, it was taken into the extreme cold of Canada, this is why the Toyota fuel cell unit can withstand heat levels up to 150 up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit because the permeable fuel cell membranes operate at that temperature at their ideal best.

There are other fuel cell technologies that run up to 800 and 900 degrees Celsius but the Toyota fuel cell vehicle is not running at these temperature. Toyota is also interested in integrating smart gadgets into their cars, they are also interested in integrating robotics and all the technology that is bringing the future into the present.

Toyota sells a lot of cars in the U.S. and sometimes they are accused in various patent scandals but the new fuel cell models are completely the opposite of their blending in policy. The new fuel cell models are really interesting and they have lots of unique styling for a the modern era.

At CES 2014 Toyota presented one fuel cell vehicle model that will launch in 2015. This car is designed to hit the roads of the world, it is not a exotic model, it looks modern but it does not look extremely exotic and futuristic. This is a car that does not need a gasoline engine or diesel, it is a complete alternative energy vehicle and it uses hydrogen which is the most abundant resource in the universe.

This car is going to help clean up the roads, eliminate emissions, the only downside is that governments worldwide will have to put up hydrogen fuel stations. However in California the government has already installed over 30 fuel cell stations and they are going to expand into southern California and hopefully other states are going to hop on board as well.

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