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A review of the Samsung Gear 2 Neo

A review of the Samsung Gear 2 Neo
A review of the Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Today I am going to review an extraordinary smart watch from Samsung – the Gear 2 Neo. This marvelous smart watch was just launched at MWC this week and I can almost guarantee you that this device will change the view you had on watches up until now.

Display & Design

When it comes to watches and particularly smart watches, design is as important as hardware mainly because many people view the watch as a fashion accessory. A lot of people regard smart watches as the watches of the future this is why Samsung has integrated some premium elements into the overall design of this device.

First of all, one of the major changes is regarding the position of the home button, it is now positioned in the middle lower side of the device so wherever you are in the menu of this device, one small press on that device and it should get you back home.

On the front of the device you have the camera and the I.R. blaster which is cool. The wrist strap is another premium element, you can change it in any color you like and for the first time it seems to fit perfectly on my hand.

"According to owner of Tcawireless Chris", The overall design is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy Gear. You will also notice that the Neo is made of polycarbonate and the removal of the screws could also be viewed as a huge bonus point for the Neo.

Another huge bonus point is the weight of the device. The Neo is much,much lighter than the Galaxy Gear and Samsung made just a minimum of sacrifice to reduce the weight however some people may view the plastic shell as cheap while others may appreciate the light weight of this device.

Hardware & Software

This smart device is running Tizen, it was never known to run Android. This means that this device is now capable of connecting with 17 Samsung Galaxy devices.
The phone comes in with a hearth rate monitor and a pedometer and another bonus point for this device is that it should last for about three days so the battery life is also much better than on the original Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The difference between the O.S. is quite minor mainly because of the high responsiveness rate that is quite similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

One of the greatest things about the Gear is the fact that it has a better user interface that can enable you to select a customized theme and even choose from a wide variety of colors that can fit your taste.

Another unique element is the heart rate monitor. You won’t find a lot of smart watches that come in with a heart rate monitor as neat as this one.

The smart watch also comes in with standard office management tools such as an agenda, voice recorder, alarm clock and calendar. Basically I view this smart watch as an indispensable item for the future and not only that it looks good but the material and weight seems to be just perfect for most of the people out there.

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