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A review of the Qualcomm Toq

A review of the Qualcomm Toq

Today I am going to review an amazing smart watch from an unlikely maker, Qualcomm.
The company that is probably powering your smartphone is trying to get on to your wrist, it packs a lot of really cutting edge features in a minimalist design.

Before I go any further I also want to say that there is also a premium audio version of this smart watch, this enables you to chat with True Wireless stereo headsets and don't get me wrong, these headsets are super lightweight and quite well designed to fit comfortably in your ear.

The design & display

As there are more and more smart watches launched every year, things are beginning to evolve and this model has a lot of unique features that no other model has.

The phone comes in with an original Qualcomm technology regarding the display, it is called a Mirasol display, the display looks really fantastic outside and it has a lot of advantages when compared to other Samsung smartwatches.
It is a 1.55 inch passive display with a 225 ppi so it is a relatively high resolution. The cool thing about the design of the Qualcomm Toq is the fact that it does not have any buttons, there are only some capacitive strips that work instead of the buttons, they work because they have some hidden sensors and I think that this is quite cool.

When compared to the Galaxy Gear you may immediately notice that it is quite thick but overall I find the design of the Qualcomm Toq to be a lot more attractive and the built quality also seems to impress.

The display also has a little black touchscreen bezel that you can use to navigate through the menu, I find this to be quite attractive yet insufficient especially when compared to the easy navigation through the Galaxy Gear menu for example.

The screen is quite responsive as it is a capacitive display and it works very well, presumebly because it is Qualcomm powered so naturally you may expect it to be very fast.

The hardware, UI & tips and tricks
The user interface seems to be quite attractive, maybe because of the big pixel density offered by the display but also because of the large display of the smart watch.

The user interface is built to represent a grid icon that you can tap to open a particular application.
I highly recommend the Qualcomm Toq Smartphone App, this app is esential to customize your new smart watch experience.

The phone comes in with a 24 MhA battery with wireless charging. It may be a bit difficult to learn how to charge such a device but it is in fact very simple as Qualcomm provides you with a micro USB power cable and a Qualcomm Toq charger.

Simply plug the micro USB into the Qualcomm Toq Charger and plug the other end into the nearest power outlet.
Then, activate the power pannel by pressing the button and place your Toq on the panel of the Qualcomm Toq Charger.

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