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A Review of Sulu Babylon's COLOUR EP

Sulu Babylon's COLOUR EP
Sulu Babylon's COLOUR EP
Sulu Babylon

It was nice to discover Sulu Babylon. Being an alternative fan, these rockers fit right into the genre. On their COLOUR EP, recently released, there are 6 gems that reveal a powerhouse band that are capable to making impactful and passionate melodies full of grit, heart and soul. One listen to the COLOUR EP and there is no question why Phil Killingsworth, Corey Jones and Ryan Johnson - have played throughout the UK and opened for both China and the Virginmarys.

"Set It In Colour" is a welcoming cover replete with an intense energy that immediately draws the listener in. There is a superb depth to the track that few, if any bands are able to achieve. It is not so much that the band is comprised of three members, but the sound emanating from this cut and the entire album for that matter makes a definitive statement about the success that Sulu Babylon has received and what will undoubtedly come.

On "Children Of Sailors," the bass line offered by Corey Jones along with Killingsworth and Johnson's vocals make the track radio-friendly for both alternative stations, and indie rock ones. "Liar" stampedes into the speakers and Sulu Babylon gives yet another look into their understanding of how to make a track inspired by the trials and tribulations of life. The COLOUR EP ends with "Save Our Souls," a heavy and hard-hitting authoritative sound.

Sulu Babylon leave listeners of the COLOUR EP wanting to hear more. The beats, notes and lyrics all come together to formulate one of the most promising alternative rock bands in some time. Forming in 2010, the band sound as if they are seasoned rock veterans. It is a testament to their thorough knowledge of how to create rock that can hook any music lover.

Final Grade: A

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