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A review of new Blu-Ray and DVD release 'Zombieland'

(+1/2 star)

This is a land of zombies.
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This movie is nonstop unadulterated entertainment.  It makes itself clear: don't take this movie too seriously.  When a movie has the audacity to name itself Zombieland, you know what you're in store for.  This is a movie that knows who it is, what it wants to do, and what it wants the audience to feel.  It succeeds on all fronts.

Zombieland is set in modern times, and almost everybody in the world is now a zombie.  There is one line in the movie that explains why this happens, but really, it doesn't matter.  There are only a handful of people left in the entire world, or maybe only America, the movie never really delves into such little details.  It stars Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus, who is a quirky neurotic 20-something-year-old that seems to have O.C.D.  He also narrates the film and lets the audience know the "rules" of how to survive in "zombieland."  By the way, his quirkiness sounds a lot like the awkwardness of Michael Cera but less annoying.

He meets Tallahassee played by Woody Harrelson whose sole-purpose in this post-apocalyptic-like world is to murder zombies.  He really hates zombies.  The movie explains why later on in a very heart-felt story, and there are some moments of poignancy throughout this film, but these moments are very fleeting.  When a character pours out his or her heart, or somebody cries, something funny or ridiculous always happens right afterward.  There are no hangups over emotions.  Hey, we're living in Zombieland here, not The Notebook.

Rounding up the cast are Emma Stone as Wichita and Abigail Breslin as Little Rock (yes, that Abigail Breslin, the one that tried to win Little Miss Sunshine).  Little Rock is all grown up now.  There aren't any beauty pageants; just a lot of shotguns and blood.  Wichita and Little Rock are sisters, and they have serious trust issues, probably because everybody they know is dead. 

The relationship among these four cast members is very fun to watch.  When Tallahassee and Columbus communicate with one another, it's comedy gold.  They are polar opposites of one another so Tallahassee is repeatedly putting down Columbus as a wuss in delightfully vulgar manners.  There are some twists and turns, so if you haven't seen this movie, don't go on wikipedia or ask your friends about any surprises.

This movie has something for everybody.  If you love zombies, you'll get to see them on-screen for 80 minutes.  If you hate zombies, congratulations, you get to see their faces get kicked in for 80 minutes.  If you love action, this is the movie for you: the violence is purposely gratuitous and really fun to watch.

And for those of you out there who get bored by nonstop entertainment, there's even a little love story thrown in this film for good measure.  It's fun all-around. 

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  • Sanchez 5 years ago

    This movie makes me want to have a kid, raise it, kill it just so it become a zombie and then kill it again. Rob Zombie Rules!!

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