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A review of iLuv’s Syren, a continuum of 2014 CES

Through the eyes of innovation, we are exposed to the wow, the usage, and the economics of technology; the Annual International Consumer Electronics Show is a key illustration on that, Yet, it’s by interacting with others, of how we really come to appreciate their capabilities; for example, such things as skype, tune-in, headphones, cameras, and so on, right up to the connected-TV, cloud technology, and wearables. Among the gems of today, accessories and Bluetooth speakers are now a mainstay, in the discussion of tech gadgets; and associated entities are becoming very good at them, inclusive of iLuv,

When small does not mean small
When small does not mean small
Photos by Keith McFarland
The surge of Bluetooth speakers are advancing
Photo by Keith McFarland

The Syren:

Consider this a product little in size, but giant in options, with a snazzy look and really nice feel. Standing 4.5inches high, weighing in at 10.5ounces, you’ll marvel at initiating calls using it; simply dial a number on your smartphone, while Bluetooth connected; then speak into and listen from the Syren; no need to grab or touch once placed. Want to answer an incoming call, merely press a button, start talking; to end one, tap the same button; but don’t forget to say farewell.

More so, the controls and instructions are extremely easy to work with and understand. Sound quality is quite nice, whether for relaxation, romance, socialism, or business. The hearing range is impressive, spanning multiple rooms. If you like, the Syren can be directly linked to other devices (i.e. a Kindle or laptop), by an AUX-IN cable.

Note, the paring to my smartphone took less than half-a-minute; and yes, it has the NFC feature. The initial charging exceeded two hours, which can be done with a USB cable to your computer or wall charger. The playtime lasted over 9 hours, and was still going strong with no end in site.

As you consider the above commentary, keep in mind, its rather natural to gravitate toward some type of technology. The advances, whether micro or macro levels, are just too profound to all go unnoticed. Two recent stories in the news, reflect an undertone, in global ways: 1.) PBS - Program teaches cybersecurity students to think like hackers;; 2.) CBS - Flipped classrooms provide a new way of learning;

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