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A review of Christon Gray's "School of Roses"

Christon Gray, 'School of Roses'
Christon Gray, 'School of Roses'
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Christon Gray is one of those rare-breed of musicians who can do it all. He can sing. He can rap. I haven’t seen him in the club, but he can probably dance too.

Gray’s latest release, "School of Roses," sees him using his extraordinary talents for our entertainment and God’s good pleasure.

"School of Roses," his Collision Records debut, that debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes R&B chart, chronicles the highs and lows of life from divorce ("Windchaser” and lust ("Wanna,” feat. JGivens) to escapism ("Roses 101-After All”) and Christian backsliding ("Convenient”).

The album has a buttery, neo-soul feel. On some of the tracks, you might forget who you are listening to. Though Gray sounds like himself when he’s singing, he has the sensibilities of Maxwell, Stevie Wonder and even Robin Thicke (don’t believe me? Check out his falsetto on “Super Dave").

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