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A revamp on 1920s style

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Isn’t it funny how things come back into style? These past few seasons have revisited the styles of the '70s and '80s and it has definitely been a time to play with fashion. However, a style is being seen more than ever recently and it goes back even further than the '70s. The fedora hat has been revamped since its first appearance in the early '20s and is now a common accessory for both men and women. While the men’s fedora hats have been brought back as a simple accessory ranging from solid colors to stripes, the women’s selections have been a bit more personalized and females everywhere can most likely find one – if not a few – that represent their own unique style.

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Although most women can find fedoras to match their unique styles, some women may not be able to find one that fits their own unique budget. Yes, you can find simple styles and low prices but if you’re looking to find a hat with that bit of personality, some stores carry them for over $60. For anyone on a tighter budget – especially in today’s economy – there’s a simpler and cheaper way to add some sassiness to your hat – Do It Yourself.

The most difficult part of the process is deciding what kind of fedora you want to create. With endless possibilities, it can be a troublesome task, however, considering you can style a fedora for less than $7, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one style.

To start, you’ll need the obvious, which is a fedora hat. You can find reasonably priced, solid color hats at stores such as Walmart and Target (I got mine for $5). Then you’ll need some items to style up the hats. For this part, you can visit an arts and crafts store, a department store or perhaps your own garden.

For this project, I took four ideas and turned them into my own unique fedoras: zebra print ribbon, a jeweled skull iron-on, buttons and a flower. The ribbon was quite simple, all you need to do is cut the appropriate length of the ribbon and sew it around the edge of the hat or whatever area of the hat you choose. The jeweled iron on was the trickiest simply because it is a fedora hat and not something simpler such as a T-shirt – but it is possible. When doing this creation, follow the directions that come with the jewels but here’s a trick that I learned: make sure your iron is very well preheated and do not iron on the jewels for too long as the glue will not hold if it gets too hot.

The buttons were the simplest of all four as all you really need to do is pin on some buttons to express your personality – you can be fun and flirty or go political – the choice is yours. My last creation was a flower. You can use a fresh flower but then you will have to re-do your fedora every few days so I recommend a fake one for this. You can keep it small and simple or go big and bold. Either way, all that’s required is for you to cut the flower and sew it on.

Not one of these styles will take you more than twenty minutes to make and not a single one should cost you more than $10 to make unless you really choose some extravagant pieces, but again, it’s your personality that you’re expressing through these creations so don’t be shy or hold back. With these fun and personal styles, you’re sure to get questioned where you got your fedora from so you can feel ultra chic and say it's custom made just for you.