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A Retrospective: A Soap Life Documentary

A Soap Life Documentary
A Soap Life Documentary
*Courtesy NYPSTV

There is no other genre like soap operas in terms of its' casts, the crews that work so tirelessly behind-the-scenes and the fans. Unlike any other television shows, soaps have made their indellible mark, first via radio in the 1930's, then television and now online. Generations of loyal, passionate and at times unrelenting fans have dedicated their entire lives to the characters who are invited into their living rooms daily for a dose of adventure, tragedy, and love in the afternoon. There truly are no fans like soap fans.

"A Soap Life Documentary" examines the origins of soap operas, the rise of popularity and dominance on daytime, to the recent fall of beloved dramas cancelled from network television. Although daytime once generated profits that literally fueled prime-time shows, networks have begun to slowly and steadily abandon the dramas as times have changed, profit margins dwindled. Soap Life digs deep, speaking not only with the legendary Agnes Nixon who pioneered two successful and recently cancelled dramas One Life To Live and All My Children, but also takes a look behind-the-scenes with the casts and crews who have also devoted their careers to the genre. It also includes interviews with veteran actors Carolyn Hennessy (GH), Rick Hearst (GH), Bobbie Eakes (AMC/B&B), Bradford Anderson (GH) to name a few. In addition, "Soap Life" also spoke to numerous fans during the annual General Hospital Fan Club Weekend to get their take on why they refuse to let go of their soaps.

Produced by New York Production Services, Matthew D'Amato has created an informative chronology of the evolution of soap operas in this compelling documentary. March 11, 2014 marks its' worldwide release via the leading digital entertainment distributor FilmBuff. With innovative strategies FilmBuff supplies content to on-demand outlets, effectively bridging the gap between filmmakers and audiences by providing exclusive access via a wide range of avenues including all cable, satellite and telco services, game consoles, online retailers, wireless platforms and hardware manufacturers worldwide. "A Soap Life Documentary" is now available to the general public via iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Google Play (aka YouTube Movies,) Playstation, Vudu, Blinkbox (UK only) and CinemaNow. The film will be available in Canada, Australia and the UK on Google Play, Playstation and Xbox. The film will also be available in Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the UK through iTunes.

As a soap fan for 30 years myself, I can say that "A Soap Life Documentary" is fair and clear look at the anatomy of soap operas from the people who have given their lives to the genre- the creators, actors, crews, but most importantly the generations of fans.