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A retreat for breast cancer survivors

The Pastures  Retreat
The Pastures Retreat
The Pastures

My younger sister is one of the 2.5 million survivors.  She's only battled the disease for 8 months now.  By her side, I have seen the devastating effects of chemo, surgery and life-style change. When I came across this article in I was so thrilled and pleased so see people making a difference and taking a stand to make the world a little more comfortable for breast cancer patients.  A very special woman named  Bridget, has impressed me so much, that I just had to featured her healing center in my blog... I only wish I could send my sister...

As a massage therapist and Pilates instructor, Bridget Ford Hughes was shocked to learn she had breast cancer after dedicating herself to health and fitness. After a two-and-a-half-year battle with the disease, she is now cancer-free and stronger than ever. As a result of this experience, Bridget founded The Pastures, a weekend retreat in the Berkshires that assists women with breast cancer
both physically and mentally.

Bridget personally faced the profound challenge of fighting and treating breast cancer. What really struck her during her ordeal was that she was on her own for the most part. In Bridget’s own words, “I had to make life-or-death medical decisions without all the necessary knowledge or full understanding."
She continues, “As a result of my own experience, I created The Pastures to give women with breast cancer some of the tools they need to survive and thrive through both their diagnosis and throughout their recovery and ultimately their lives.”

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