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A Retraction Re: Marie Osmond's Son

Central to the LDS Church is the revelation of the prophets.
Central to the LDS Church is the revelation of the prophets.
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  • Portland Humanist Examiner 6 years ago

    Well said. Your remarks concerning the LDS Church are right on target.

  • judy 6 years ago

    i am not a member of any church and do not hate gays and lesbians but i do however feel that it is truly wrong to have sex with someone of the same sex. i believe that hollywood has become the biggest voice in our country and people who don't now how to think and act for themselves have fallen on the hollywood ban wagon. they are too scared to speak out for fear of the politically correct.

  • Ms. "V" 6 years ago

    I know what it means to have to apologize, yet keep yourconvictions. Atta Girl Carrie.

  • SG 6 years ago

    Nicely said Carrie.

  • Wow... 6 years ago

    Internet journalism at its least you can admit that you didn't check your facts before posting. Shame on you for using a loss of life to spread your personal feelings on homosexuals.

    I am a practicing Mormon and am completely offended by your comments. You are certainly entitled to your opinions on my faith; it's just unfortunate your opinions are in line with your shoddy journalism...lacking in truth and validity. Do you really believe you know enough about my faith to formulate an educated opinion? It's easy to tell someone they are brainwashed because their values/beliefs differ from yours but that doesn't make your stance any more credible. LDS beliefs on homosexual marriage are in line with traditional Christianity but there are those among us today that have allowed loose morals and social pressures to sway them to deviate from the Gospel our Saviour Jesus Christ taught. I am proud that my Church has never faltered in this defense of traditional marriage.

  • Carrie Poppy 6 years ago

    "Wow," yes, I feel I know enough about the LDS Church to form an opinion. The things expressed here -- the LDS church's campaign to eliminate the rights of same-sex couples, the history of bigotry, and the clear deceit of Joseph Smith are widely available information. I cannot speak on your personal faith, but if you espouse the truth of this particular church's teachings, then yes, I hold those beliefs to be false and damaging.

    There is a point on which I agree with you: that the Mormon church does honor the "holy" scriptures on homosexuality. The Old Testament and the epistles of Paul clearly teach that homosexuality is wrong. Liberal Christianity deviates from that, and rightly so, but they are dishonest about it. That deviation comes from years of societal progress, not from the scriptures, which are quite clear. In my opinion, they are far from a message of love. It is only because their true message is unpalatable to the modern ear that Christianity has had to change its tune

  • Christy 6 years ago

    I appreciate the retraction regarding your championing of Roseanne's remarks. However, I find your characterization of Marie Osmond to be demeaning and, yes, ignorant of the facts.

    You wrote:
    "To those who argue that Marie Osmond is a kind and gentle woman who loved her son, you are most likely completely correct. In fact, Marie is a victim here, too. She, ... is a victim of brainwashing by a church that taught her to love in her heart and hate with her actions."

    The problem is that Marie has bucked her church's teaching repeatedly, most recently while supporting a civil union for her daughter. She is FAR from brainwashed. She's pushed for women's rights, true marriage equality and numerous other issues. She pointedly broke from her brothers by refusing to endorse Mitt Romney for president.

    So, while I do appreciate your retraction, I think research in advance would work more effectively.

    (BTW, I'm a lapsed Irish-Catholic from MA, not a Mormon)

  • Christy 6 years ago

    As an addendum to my previous comment a few moments ago, in your first article, you wrote: "Marie Osmond's Son Died of Homophobia."

    And you supported a blog that attacked a mother as she buried her son.

    While I appreciate your retraction, it was limited. You were "not fully informed about the sexuality of Michael Blosil. To this degree, I retract my statements."

    I would suggest that saying "Marie Osmond's Son did not die of homophobia and was not gay" (confirmed from many different sources) would be a true, fair, balanced retraction.

    You might also consider admitting, as Roseanne thoughtfully and impressively did, that the timing and tenor of your comments were insensitive and painful for her family.

  • Greg Bart 6 years ago

    Given that WOW holds great pride in his church's hoary traditions, perhaps WOW will explain it's only relatively recently adjusted attitudes towards people whose skin was too dark, and further why God finally got around to relenting on this issue and advised the Elders that dark-skinned people were now cool.

  • Christy 6 years ago

    To Greg Bart -

    Why don't you ask that same question of the other religions that discriminated against minorities (and in many ways still do), contributed large amounts of money to US politics and influenced policy for decades?

    Do you really want to start religious wars? The Mormon religion is no different than any other religion - except, of course, that unlike Catholics and Protestants, the Mormons haven't started wars that killed thousands (at least), and still kill people periodically in Europe.

    Everyone has a right to their beliefs. Period. Every religion has fanatics and liberals - including the Mormons. Persecuting the Mormons smacks of prejudice, stereotyping and bigotry just as much as the persecution of homosexuals.

  • Christy 6 years ago

    BTW, I don't see this same outrage from the media against Christian conservatives who raise money to promote their agenda. Or Baptists or any other conservative Christian group. Nobody calls their religions disgusting or suggests their religions should be eliminated or destroyed. Curiously, only the Mormons are attacked. Could it be because they themselves are considered "different" and are a minority? I think it could. And, as a (lapsed) Catholic, I think that's horrible.

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