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A response to disaster: Haitian Earthquake 2010

By Rev. Mother Meredith Moise, SPSA

By now, you have sent he hundreds of photos of disaster and destruction in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti. Our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, described the catastrophe as "biblical". We've heard terms like Armaggedon and Last Days. As Catholics, we should ask, "What can I do to bring Christ's love to God's people in Haiti?"

We have heard the mean-spirited blathers on a certain evangelical minister. We have also heard the nasty rantings of a attention grabbing radio host. What we need to hear are the loud and clear voices of God's people coming to support their own. We should be reading about children across this land hold fundraisers for earthquake survivors. News should feature the hundreds of clothing and canned food drives churches are holding across the US. Enough of the devils faking like they are ministers of the Word!  We should trumpet the people of God doing God's work.

In the middle of great suffering, we have witnessed great compassion. We are moved by the support of the world for this island nation. Haiti has had a history of great suffering and upheaval. But also in that history, we see courage, valor and strength. We see a people willing to free themselves from slavery. We see Haiti as a beacon of freedom during the enslavement of Africans in this hemisphere. The Haitian people are proud and resilient. They will survive this.....with our help.

It's time for God's people to band together to deal with this crisis. And we are. But it's also time for us to unite in the face of environment issues. Issues of poverty and wealth inequality deserve our attention. Let this crisis be an opportunity to put God's love into action. 


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