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A Renewing experience with Wendy Rule

Wendy's latest release: Guided by Venus
Wendy's latest release: Guided by Venus
Nick Verso


  • Michelle Cole 5 years ago

    I apologize, but me & the changes going on with the publishing tool here at Examiner don't get along very I forgot to add 2 links in this article. If you wish to learn more about Wendy, her music or her Witchcraft go to:
    If you wish to learn more about the Metaphysical Research Society located in Denver, visit:
    I had never heard of the MSR until Wendy's rescheduled appearance there. It's now listed with my favorites so I can check in on what they are doing there.

  • April Hoy 5 years ago

    Michelle, thank you so much for writing this wonderful piece on your experience this weekend! How fabulous!

  • Cyndee Frew 5 years ago

    You captured the event so very well.. thanks so much for sharing!

  • mom in hawaii 5 years ago

    Hi darlin, so glad you got a chance to do the two events.
    Sounds wonderful Aloha

  • jessica 5 years ago

    your words are very moving and I am moved as well by reading your experience. I love when you have a person who moves your spiritually as well as can motivate you in a direction with which you belong and just never traveled. While I know not many people "get" you I believe they are truly missing out on a soul that has the most potential to move people. I just believe the energy that is around you affects you more than you realize and that is why your potential is snuffed out when you are around these people. Not saying that the people themselves are dull or negative I just believe when you have been sheltered and are not open minded and you are not able to look into yourself you close off your energy and emit a blocking of sorts. Where you I believe are looking to feed off the energy and use it to carry you...I do it I am just not as schooled in the arts...if I am in a good mood it is because I am feeding off the good mood of others...if I am failing it is because there is tention and blockage that makes me frustrated. Again thank you for sharing and I am blabbing....hahaha

  • Profile picture of Michelle Cole
    Michelle Cole 5 years ago

    LOL...lovely! You can blab all you want my Wild Woman of Starbucks!! You are a DEAR & I can't wait to introduce you to the 'kids'...Spiral, Magik, Rocky, Othello (pray the ranchers call us soon!), and all the cats...oh ya & the 57 Chevy!!!!

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