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A reluctant bus fare increase

A real contentious issue has emerged in local politics ,which affects many in the county. There was meeting to increase bus fares locally. This would not be an issue of any consequence anywhere else, but locally it is the only real alternative locally for some. It is especially critical to the disabled in the county. It is described as a Catch 22 sort of situation for the county and its residents, but the pain will be felt. The measure still needs to be approved by voters and the increase will be effective in July( Valine, 2014). We will just have to dig deeper into our pockets whether we like it or not.

David Ogden

Valine, K.(2014) Modesto City Council Oks bus fare hikes; supports Stanislaus County transportation tax spending plan, The Modesto Bee, March 11, 2014, Retrieved March 13, 2014.

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