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A relationship should be like a dance

Are you ready to dance
Are you ready to dance

Are you single and looking to at some point be in a relationship?

Are you dancing to your own tune with no intention to learn anything new or are you willing to learn a new dance?

For those single individuals who are patiently waiting until they meet Mr. or Miss Right don't worry your time is coming. Unfortunately there is no crystal ball or any other way to tell when the right person will come along you just have to believe that when the time is right it will happen for you.

How will you know when it's time?

If you watch the art of dance it is amazing. A person hears the music and their body starts to move to the sound. What's even more amazing is when a person is trained in one particular dance style and they can see another dance style and learn to do that style as well. A relationship should be like a dance. Just like dance there are several different forms a relationship can take.

For some the connection is instant, two individuals meet and they are doing the same dance. The fluidity of moment allows their union to flow like two trees dancing in the wind. For some others it can be a little different.

In some cases you have two individuals who dance differently but they are willing to learn the style of the other. In one case you have a person who is a classically trained Ballet dancer who learns how to do the style of Hip Hop or a Tap dancer who learns how to to Broadway. The point is just because you do one dance doesn't mean you can't do another you just have to be willing try.

Simply put, when it comes to wanting to meet someone in some cases you have two individuals that have been doing things their way for a while. Some people are stuck in their ways and their is no room to grow. For some others they realize that growth offers them the opportunity to be able to step outside self in order to connect with someone else.

For some mastering a dance is a difficult task because they aim for perfection. Individuals have to realize that there is no such thing as perfection. If you meet someone who is willing to dance from the heart allow them to show you their moves. With a little help and understanding before you know it the both of you will be dancing in tune, to the same song at the same time.

Are you willing to learn a new style of dance? Or, will you continue to do the same old dance to the same old song alone?

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