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A refreshing recipe for shaved fennel & orange salad

Shaved fennel & orange salad
Shaved fennel & orange salad
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Following a long holiday weekend of either Valentine's Day indulgence or Presidents' Day shenanigans or a combination of the two, recharge with some healthy choices. Drink more water, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and eat meals comprised of healthy ingredients. Start fresh with a light and refreshing meal with this recipe for Shaved Fennel & Orange Salad.

It is not too farfetched a gamble that the average eater has never tried fennel; in fact, most people may not even recognize fennel were they to happen upon it. Should that be the case, suffice it to say that fennel is a white bulb vegetable with long stalks terminating in leaves not unlike dill in appearance. While it looks tough and fibrous, this veggie is surprisingly flavorful and refreshing when prepared raw in a salad (although it can also be sauteed, grilled, braised, etc. in addition to being served raw). Furthermore, fennel is unexpectedly sweet -- the taste is often likened to a licorice flavor.

This particular salad is deliciously uncomplicated. Beyond the fennel and fruit stated in the name, this Shaved Fennel & Orange Salad involves pistachios and shaved parmesan cheese. Between the juicy orange segments and fresh fennel (with a surprisingly high water content), this simple salad is meant to be enjoyed sans dressing.

Branch out from your typical salad with this easy vegetarian recipe. Who needs lettuce for a satisfying and healthy meal? Try making this Shaved Fennel & Orange Salad today!


  • 4 large fennel bulbs
  • 2 oranges, chopped
  • 2/3 cup pistachios, shelled
  • 1/3 cup shaved parmesan
  • Salt and pepper (optional)


Begin by slicing the fennel. Cut and separate the bulb, discarding the stalks and leaves (reserving a few leaves for garnish if desired). Slice the fennel into quarters. Discard the inner core. Use a vegetable peeler to shave thin slices of each quarter of fennel.

In a bowl, toss the fennel, oranges and pistachios. Transfer to a plate, and top with shaved parmesan and the optional garnish of fennel leaves. If desired, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

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