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A recipe for real world Meditation using self hypnosis

Stress, and their resulting side effects, is one of the top killers in America. Interestingly enough stress isn’t a disease but a synonym for pressure, tension and strain on the mind, body and spirit. So what if we assume that everything is about emotions for a moment, and that you have the power to mind control and cure many ailments?

Let’s take a look at self hypnosis and how you’ve experienced this today.

Your brain waves may have been in more of a relaxed state (versus chatty, frantic, and chaotic) when you:

• Took a shower or bath

• Blew your hair dry

• Listened to the radio or watched TV

• Had a cup of tea or coffee in silence or while watching TV or reading

• Read the newspaper

• Read a book

• Drove to work or another destination

• Did some light body stretching work

• Took a walk or run in silence

• Took a walk or run listening to the radio

• Worked out at the gym with or without music

• Played an instrument

• Listened to a lecture (but not writing)

What if you took 5 deep belly breaths -- shoulders remain still, belly moves in and out, and breathe through nose -- while in any of the above situations? Shower and “on purpose” belly breath. Cup of tea and “on purpose” belly breath.

This real world meditation approach has similar effects on brain waves as many other (sometimes unrealistic) types of meditations. Short but more daily capable, you can quiet the mind enough to approach the next moment openly, calmly, comfortably, positively, creatively, fluently, with increased intellectual capacity, with effective blood pressure and hormone levels. Add this to your day. It’s easy to integrate, creates emotional balance and betters overall health.


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