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A recipe for hydration: "Sassy Water"

Ingredients for Sassy Water - a cucumber, a lemon, some ginger, and fresh mint leaves
Ingredients for Sassy Water - a cucumber, a lemon, some ginger, and fresh mint leaves


  • Katie 6 years ago

    This sounds so yummy, thanks!

  • Cheese 6 years ago

    Or you can just suck it up and drink water. Oh, and that 8 cups of water also includes fluid from food and all other intake. So for most it's much much less.

  • Megan Silea 6 years ago

    Katie - it IS yummy! I'm on my second pitcher now. It's a refreshing change. An added plus is that my fridge smells like fresh lemon and ginger now, too!

    Cheese - I appreciate the time you took to read and comment on the article. Certainly not everyone will want to do this, but it's always nice to have options and new ideas. Many people don't drink water (at all) because they feel it's plain and "boring". This is just a suggestion for anyone who might be interested in trying it out.

    If anyone has suggestions for recipes they would like to see featured in the future, please feel free to comment on an article here or click the link above to email me!

  • Carmen 6 years ago

    I thought that Tea could help you lose weight. At least hot green tea is supposed to.

  • Megan Silea 6 years ago

    Carmen - I have also heard that green tea can be beneficial, but I'm not a doctor or health care professional so I can't comment too specifically on it. I do know that green tea tastes good! Thank you for your comment.

  • Megan Silea 6 years ago

    Just a follow-up comment:

    The main point of the article is to offer a variation for people who are bored with drinking "plain water". It's just as good if you only drink one glass of it, and it makes your kitchen and fridge smell fantastic. So please don't feel like this is a mandate for everyone to increase their fluid intake. It's simply a recipe; you decide the quantity that's appropriate for you.


  • Sharon 6 years ago

    Megan, thanks for sharing! This recipe IS yummy. So many times people share that they don't drink water because it has no "taste". Well, this gives plain water just enough flavor to make you want more! Fun, classy...and YUMMY!

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