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A reason to miss your cubicle mates

It's a lonely world working from home. And it is never so evident than when you have a funny encounter on the phone with an inept receptionist, or when you accidentally spill mayo on your work-from-home uniform (a.k.a. sweat pants), or when you run across a sophomoric typo in an email. You have no one to share in that little bit of work-related humor.

This was brought to my attention a couple days ago by a friend of mine who works from home. Knowing that I, too, work from home she sent me an email telling me of a hilarious incident she had while making a professional phone call. As she laughed about the incident she realized she had no one to laugh she emailed me. But by then, it became a case of "guess you had to be there".

So, as it turns out, there is a reason to miss working in a cubicle.


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