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A Reason to Hope for Sanity in America

In Alabama, a conviction of endangering a child was upheld because the word "child" also includes unborn children, according to a judge. 2 women were convicted for taking drugs during their pregnancies. It violated a law that was put in place to discourage people from operating drug labs around children.

While abortion was not involved in this case, this could be a big step in having unborn babies being treated like humans. Unfortunately, there are many times where a court's decision is based on precedent, rather than correctly basing it on law. This has pros and cons. It would be wonderful if an understanding of law would be used to determine the verdict of a case, but instead, without any legitimate reason/cause, things just switched, and courts began basing things on precedent instead of law. In this case though, it may provide a victory for people who realize inconvenience does not justify murder. This can be referred to in future cases in establishing that an unborn child is, in fact, a living child.

I doubt we will hear much about this in the mainstream media, as they always have a liberal slant and would not want anyone to know about this. They would rather you hear about Kim Kardashian and Kanye having a baby, than hear about a case that treated an unborn child correctly. I found this story on This is a site that provides actual news, unlike NBC/ABC, etc. They do have a conservative perspective, but based on how most news sources are, that is required for you to actually hear something significant and correct. I highly recommend along with reading here, at which provides news from all perspectives, as well as opinion sections.


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