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A reality check on our Christian compassion

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Compassion knows no bounds.

For the Cross of Jesus Christ is a reality for everyone.

Yet, as a Catholic/Christian disciple of Jesus, we must ask ourselves, honestly, how far our 'compassion' goes.

So, we have compassion for the unborn babies threatened by Planned Parenthood. But, does our compassion go far enough to include the mother of the baby, often young and gullible, often misinformed, pressured, and blinded by despair? Dare I say, do we have compassion, in prayer for our enemies, for the abortionist?

So, we have compassion on either the victim, or victims, of a murderer, OR, the murderer, him, or herself. But can we stretch our Mercy horizon enough to have compassion on both at the same time...while still seeking for Justice?

After all, does compassion always have to be equal to clemency?

Jesus cried 'Eloi, eloi, llama sabachthani,' but God the Father, in Divine Paradoxical Mystery, still allowed the Crucifixion for our salvation. So, can we have compassion on illegal immigrants, but also have compassion on American citizens who live along the SouthWestern border? Can we balance a bit of compassion, with a bit of Justice, and seek what is best for both parties?

Does compassion mean keeping our faith witness to ourselves while we are in public so as not to offend the PC, all-inclusive club? Jesus didn't think so. Just ask the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the demons. Does compassion mean that Catholics have to morph to the popular standard and reject Church teaching that is not considered fashionable today?

Can we be Pro-Life, and compassionate? Yes.

Can we be for Traditional Marriage and be compassionate? Yes.

Can we be against contraception and be compassionate toward women? Of course!

Do we have to be for amnesty for illegal immigrants to remain compassionate? No!

Do we have to throw out the baby with the bath water concerning capital punishment to be compassionate? This is worth delving into the current debate.

In the end, compassion isn't always warm and fuzzy. Rather, it is self-sacrificial for the benefit of the other.

Just like Jesus' Cross.