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A realistic view of the modern society

Reflections on a F*cked-Up World

If someone asked you to point out a couple of things that you believe are wrong in our modern society, how many would you find or mention? Most of us are aware that we live in a crazy world that is getting worse every day, but there are also people who refuse to see the truth. Those are the ones who should open their minds and allow Ray Wolf’s book, ‘Reflections of a F*cked-Up World’, to expose the reality we all live in. It is a sad and depressing reality that can be easily changed if we choose to take action and adopt a different attitude that would lead us to finally living our lives as we should.

What makes this book stand out is not only the author’s sarcasm when he pokes fun at all the wrong things in our society. Even though he might be considered a pessimist, he is actually a very realistic optimist who refuses to be fooled by those who take advantage of people and their material desires to get rich and live a life free of troubles and worries. Ray Wolf is determined to expose these people who have destroyed the environment and the quality of life, and have indoctrinated everyone so badly that they believe what clearly harms them is, in fact, good and fun to have.

Each chapter in ‘Reflections of a F*cked-Up World’ focuses on one issue that Ray Wolf discusses in detail, explaining what is wrong with it and how the world would be a better place without it. Thus, the author tackles topics such as politics, education, religion, consumerism, capitalism, and technology. He points out how, today, both children and adults are addicted to video games. Pollution has ruined our environment, and technological developments have actually made our lives unbearable, forcing us to move faster, work faster, and waste time and energy on useless devices instead of spending it with our loved ones.

‘Reflections of a F*cked-Up World’ is one of those books that can motivate people to make radical changes exactly because it presents reality as it is, sometimes with the risk of hurting people or making them feel helpless and disappointed. Ray Wolf strongly believes that the first step is for people to see the issues, because then they will want to change them and make their society a better place.

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