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A Real(ity) star for service

Alexandra Dilworth is a growing presence as a cast member of "The New Atlanta".  However, she makes an even bigger mark and presence locally and internationally.
Used with the permission of DJ Bing (Artist/Photographer)

Reality television. The term in and of itself is a buzzword. For some, it provides insight as to peoples' lives and what motivates them; to others, it resembles something that sounds like the word "hatchet", but starts with an "r".

But for Alexandra Dilworth, it truly is a platform to share her story, and as the saying goes, there's more than meets the eye. The current cast member of the Bravo show The New Atlanta took time out of her schedule to sit down with me (last Friday), and the Atlanta-born and raised social entity is more than just a pretty face; she has some pretty big and solid ambitions that truly are about providing others with a platform and providing service locally and globally.

And it's not all pomp and circumstance either.

"At the age of 7, I was able to take my first missionary trip", recalls Dilworth in an infectuously invigorating and inviting manner. Through the work of her father's nonprofit, Diety Charities, and her church, the call to stewardship "hooks and holds" her to making sure to keep this, along with a spiritual base, as the premise and foundation of the overwhelming majority of the work she does.

16 countries later, she is still going strong with having a global perspective regarding outreach. In the upcoming weeks, she is expecting confirmation of their next trip, a mission to Cuba. The goal is to send a team of doctors to assist in providing medical supplies and other resources to people in need. But it is evident that even with her global perspective, she has not forgotten about opportunities to help others at "home".

The recent GA State graduate (she earns her bachelor's in psychology with a minor in sociology, and she also has her associate's degree in nursing) is a regular contributor to her church, as she teaches Sunday School (for the younger ages). Even through her business ventures, providing others with opportunities and a platform to showcase their talents is part of her stewardship-laden makeup.

"Through my Generation E line, I'm able to provide apparel that speaks to multiple audiences and demographics", she explains. "The designs are Epic (her graphic design line), Exclusive, and full of Ecstasy (more of a party line that is more rave influenced". The Epic line follows her team trophy-wife moniker, but not in the way that one thinks.

"To me, a trophy-wife is someone who can truly hold her own. Whether she is a stay-at-home parent or runs her own business, being able to have a command of different skill-sets, including public speaking, understanding of current events and issues, and other areas. Many equate it to being "dumb', but the way I apply it is far from it", notes Dilworth.

However, it is her Exclusive line that seemingly piques her interest and aligns with her larger goals of helping reach back and empower others. "This (the Exclusive line) has one of a kind designs which are higher-end creations; they are done by local designers and artists, so this can help them get the exposure they need in pursuit of their creative and business goals", Dilworth emphasizes.

With multiple business and community-based projects, it's clear that Dilworth's drive, passion, and sincerity fuels her every move. It makes you wonder how she does it all, but it leads to another question: how on earth did you end up on The New Atlanta Show?

"Seriously, I just gave it a shot to see what would happen. Since I was a little girl, others would tell me about how big my personality and character are, so I figured why not? ", she shares. As a by-product of her energy and spirit, she essentially "blew away" the producers and found herself on the show.

With the current and future projects on the horizon, her future and what she can, proverbially, is limitless. In closing, in addition to suggesting that people pursue their dreams and interest, she recommends doing so with an education.

"No matter what, nobody can take away your education. Looks fade, but that is something that no one can ever take away from you. Always take time to learn more and empower others along the way", she emphatically concludes.

And that is some talk grounded in reality.

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