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A real house built from Legos in the UK


Photo courtesy of Geeksugar

Does your homeschooler love to build with Legos? Lego design and engineering classes are all the rage in homeschool-land.

But, does your child's Lego class offer lessons in how to build a real house with them? Toy enthusiast James May, in the UK, took Lego building to the extreme, and is building an entire livable house with Legos. It even has a working bathroom!

Head over to Geeksugar and check out 20 amazing photos of how this house is being built, and to see just how tedious and detailed the work is. May is using over 800 million Lego pieces to build this. Can you imagine the man hours that is going into this project?

It's amazing what one person with a passion can make happen. Who knows, maybe someday your little Lego maniac might do something as incredible as this with those little blocks!