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A real Bigfoot has been killed

Rick Dyer still is claiming that he has shot and killed a Bigfoot. The man from San Antonio, Texas claims that he not only killed Bigfoot, he hunted it, lured it in, and is now stuffing it. In recent interviews, Dyer has stated that he is fully planning on touring around the United States with this animal to prove that he is the best Bigfoot hunter in the world.

This is the supposed Bigfoot that Rick Dyer claims to have shot and killed.  Time will only tell, along with evidence, if this is actually a fact.
Rick Dyer

The video shows a recent clip on KSAT news channel 12. In the video, Dyer says that the live Sasquatch is visible through his tent window. The video clip also supposedly shows people going to see the stuffed Bigfoot. Dyer claims that he has shown the body to over 130 people and they all believe it is real. He has still not released any images or video that is unmistakably of a real Bigfoot. As time goes on without hard evidence, most people are starting to doubt Dyer, as if they did not from the start.

To top off this finding Bigfoot sensation, a new television show called “The $10 million dollar Bigfoot Bounty,” starts this week. The reality show tests a group of two-person teams to see who can successfully find evidence of a Sasquatch. If any team competing actually finds and proves with hard evidence that a Bigfoot actually exists, they win $10 million dollars. There are two doctors judging the competitors to make sure all of the results are scientific and accurate.

There are definitely some characters competing in the show. One actually claims to have shot and killed both an adult and a juvenile Bigfoot in the same hunt. Although he has no real evidence, which seems to be a common theme with Bigfoot hunters, he claims the DNA samples from the juvenile came back and tested to be a “feral human.” Immediately after that statement one of the judges told him that DNA tests would not be able to tell if the specimen was feral or not. He then stated that if the DNA came back as a human, then the man should be considered a murderer. Those are very big words from both men, but I am going to have to believe the doctor, who has actually proved to the world what he is capable of in the scientific community. For now, the legend of the mysterious Bigfoot is still alive, until someone can actually find some hard evidence.

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