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A Randallstown Beautiful Facility

Beautiful facility in the Randallstown community
Beautiful facility in the Randallstown community

I located a beautiful clean facility in Randallstown, MD and wanted to share my excitement by writing an article. For three or more days, I waited and spoke with different individuals instrumental in approving my request to write an article on the Randallstown Community Center. I am glad however that, I was unable to get an article at my first request. During my several morning visits I witnessed warm morning employee greetings as seniors citizen enter the building. Seniors began smiling when they entered the facility for their morning walk on the indoor track. During an afternoon visit, there were no warm employee greetings. The facility was taken over by young black men playing basketball on the indoor track area. The parking lot was full of cars, young men hanging around, and some cars where being washed and detailed. Randallstown Community Center is truly community.

When I went to a scheduled meeting with a Community Supervisor I, to gather information for the article; some employees including the supervisor avoided me and were evasive with information. I was informed that those employees avoided me because they did not want their picture taken. The article was always intended to be about the facility and not the employees. Those invasive employees at the facility were more focus on themselves and not on assisting me with informing you, the public, on the beautiful facility were they work.

I wish to thank Paul Edwards, III (Community Supervisor II), the Director of the facility, and Mike (a representative of the director’s office) for sharing my excitement. Their efforts fail short in assisting me in bringing you pictures of what I thought to be a beautiful and programs opportunities facilitated through the Randallstown Community Center.
This article was intended to uplift and inspire readers; as do all of my articles. I apologize if this article may not do what it was intended. I truly wanted to share my enthusiasm after several morning visits at Randallstown Community Center. Please read my article on another beautiful facility in the Randallstown’s community: